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With me being a health coach to help others achieve their health and fitness goals I have a confession to make: I feel like I’ve lost some of my mojo.  Not with my dedication to health and fitness—but with my mindset.  I feel stuck, paralyzed and not sure what to do next.  I’m questioning what I’m doing.  I’m working hard to get to the other side.  What do you do if you feel stuck?

I’ve already shared that I’ve battled issues with self-confidence—I’ve found that my mind is my greatest enemy.  With the holidays my focus moved from building my online business to making sure my family had a great visit, to ensuring Christmas was as magical and special for my boys, going on vacation and then battling a really crappy illness.

My confidence is shaken.

This has happened to me before—feeling like I was stuck.  I felt it when I knew I wanted a change in my health and fitness.  I carried around a trainer’s number for about a year until I took the step to call him and plunge into a lifestyle and body transformation.

I felt it when I was unhappy with my corporate job for years.  It just wasn’t my passion and I was going through the motions. I thought getting certified as a makeup artist was the answer, but I didn’t have the courage to pull the trigger and leave the security of my job for the uncertainty of working for myself.

I am feeling it now, when I’m not sure if I’m helping enough, not reaching the right people, not sure if this is the way my life should go.  The fear is overwhelming some days.  But one thing I am sure about is my dedication to a healthy lifestyle and always making improvements to my fitness level.  Today I know I’m at a turning point.

Mindset is everything.  One day you can see possibilities in everything, and another all you see is impossibilities.  How do you get past this?

  1. Figure out your why—what do you want to change in your life and why? What will bring you ultimate happiness? That why needs to be your single minded focus.  It’s very easy to let life distract us from what we ultimately want, or convince ourselves that it is impossible, or just a pipe dream.
  2. Get help—whenever I get past my fear and actually come up for a gulp of air, I reach out to people who can help. Whether it is a friend who can offer an objective ear, a mentor or coach who can help create a plan of action, or a reading a book that is inspirational, I find something to change my mindset. Two of my favorite books are You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and You can heal your life by Louise Hay.  I just bought The obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday.
  3. Take that step—it doesn’t have to be a huge change overnight, but it is a baby step. Making that call to someone who can help change your life, doing research on a new career, replacing one meal in the day with a healthy, home cooked one or trying one new exercise class.  Once that first step is taken, it gets easier and easier to take the next one.
  4. View obstacles as opportunities—I’m not going to lie, being an entrepreneur is fraught with obstacles. Yes, I have started to let them get me down.  I’m scared.  When I attended Fitposium, an annual conference for fitness entrepreneurs, Chris and Heidi Powell spoke.  I was unaware that they suffered major setbacks—to the point that Chris was sleeping on a friend’s couch.  Even Fitposium was a flop the first attempt.

However, I’ve learned that anything worth having is not easy.  Not when I wanted to change my physique or when I wanted a promotion at work.  But with those goals I pushed through and saw success. We must look at setbacks and obstacles as learning opportunities. I don’t like the person I have become in recent weeks: pessimistic, anxious, insecure and overwhelmed.

I am in the process of giving myself a swift kick in the butt.  I want to be that person I was a few months ago—seeing a world of possibilities, knowing when a challenge faced me I was more than capable of overcoming it.

Feel unstoppable.

Feel like a superhero that slays any obstacles in my path

To not feel like a victim and be the creator of my own destiny

To not feel like that awkward little girl who was bullied.

To have the satisfaction of creating the life I want to live.

I know that the answer lies within.  We must change our perception of reality.

Now it’s your turn.  What is your why?  What is one thing in your life that you would like to change, big or small?  What small steps can you take to get yourself closer to your goal?  What are some ways to turn impossibilities into possibilities?

Okay, that felt good to get off my chest.  Now onward to getting unstuck.  Giving up is not an option!

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”  –Christian Larson

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