MTHFR Gene Mutation

My son Ian’s birth was something I don’t like to remember.  After having difficulty getting pregnant, my pregnancy was normal until 34 weeks, when I was suddenly hospitalized after being diagnosed with preeclampsia.  My son Ian was born six days later by emergency c-section, both of us almost losing our life in the process.  I always questioned why I developed preeclampsia and never received a logical explanation until about nine months ago, when I tested positive for two heterozygous strains of the MTHFR gene mutation.  The MTHFR gene mutation was the hidden cause of my health issues and it could be yours as well. 

If you have taken birth control and are suffering from hormonal imbalances, thyroid imbalances, heart issues, high cholesterol, palpitations, murmurs, gut issues, depression and anxiety–READ THIS! 

About 4 years ago my hair started falling out almost overnight. I became extremely fatigued (despite being in the best shape of my life), inflamed, irritable, depressed, gained weight and had brain fog. 

My whole body hurt all the time and I KNEW something was wrong.  

It took about 3 years and a half a dozen doctors to finally get answers.  It was something I had not even heard of until about 9 months ago and I’ve done a LOT of research.  Most doctors don’t even have this on their radar and it’s a HUGE reason many people are sick.  

It’s the MTHFR gene mutation.  

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The MTHFR gene mutation affects up to 40% of the population

Those with MTHFR gene mutations lack the enzymes to properly methylate, a crucial process in metabolizing hormones, toxins, vitamins, minerals and common toxic substances.

Resulting health issues are triggered by lifestyle choices, such as birth control, poor eating habits and exposure to toxic chemicals in everyday products

Common health issues are hormone imbalance, thyroid imbalance, heart issues, digestive problems, depression and anxiety.

To learn more about MTHFR gene mutations, check out the book, Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch


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