Waiting for more time to focus on you is the WORST thing you can do!

  Are you waiting until you have MORE time until you focus on your own health and wellness? CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO directly on YouTube. When you watch this video, you will discover busy women over 40 who are fit […]

The one way to get anything you want in life

  If you are like most women, your biggest obstacles to health and wellness are: Stress. Stress eating. Motivation. I have personal experience with this in my previous career as a manager.   Frankly, I felt it difficult to juggle all […]

How to cope with anxiety and depression

My earliest memory of anxiety was throwing up every morning before school in 4th grade for about a month.  I didn’t know what it was at the time, I just knew that I dreaded going to school because of bullying.  […]

What to do if you are feeling stuck

With me being a health coach to help others achieve their health and fitness goals I have a confession to make: I feel like I’ve lost some of my mojo.  Not with my dedication to health and fitness—but with my […]

How to put yourself first

As women, I believe it is ingrained into us to be the caregivers, sacrificing our own want and needs before that of our family.  While nurturing our family can bring us great joy, it also can result in a lack […]

6 ways to build self-esteem

  I’ve struggled with low self-esteem since I was a child.  As you can see from the picture below, I had a very awkward phase and during that time, I was teased and bullied at school.  However, I don’t blame […]