Advice to Women Over 40: Know Your Hormones

When you are over 40, the worst thing you can do is ignore the role your hormones play in how you look, think and feel. But I get it, you certainly don’t receive training in school on the role your hormones play in menstruation, […]

MTHFR gene mutation: The hidden root cause of my health issues

My son Ian’s birth was something I don’t like to remember.  After having difficulty getting pregnant, my pregnancy was normal until 34 weeks, when I was suddenly hospitalized after being diagnosed with preeclampsia.  My son Ian was born six days […]

How to stop stress eating

Are you self sabotaging your health and wellness by stress eating or drinking? Learn 5 ways to overcome stress eating! I have struggled with anxiety since I was a child and when I worked in corporate America, it was the worst.  […]

Waiting for more time to focus on you is the WORST thing you can do!

  Are you waiting until you have MORE time until you focus on your own health and wellness? CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO directly on YouTube. When you watch this video, you will discover busy women over 40 who are fit […]

The one way to get anything you want in life

  If you are like most women, your biggest obstacles to health and wellness are: Stress. Stress eating. Motivation. I have personal experience with this in my previous career as a manager.   Frankly, I felt it difficult to juggle all […]

The importance of meal prep

I wanted to share with you the importance of meal prep and how it has changed my family’s lives.  I cannot stress the importance of meal planning for not only weight loss but for creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  If […]

Eating for pleasure and weight loss

When talking to a client recently, she cited the hardest thing about meal preparation is trying to think of food as only fuel, not pleasure.  Hold the phone—what?? This made me very sad!  I was also struck with the realization […]

How to meal prep for a busy family

  About five years ago I decided I was going to lose my baby weight and work for the body I always wanted.  My husband had switched careers, going from an active job to a sedentary one, gaining 35 pounds.  […]

How to avoid holiday weight gain

If you are anything like me, you have a love/hate relationship with the holidays.  It means quality time with family, but also high stress with traveling, hosting, buying gifts and lots of social occasions with tons of eating.  While many […]

My Top 5 beauty products

No one has ever accused me of being low maintenance.  I love makeup, hair and clothes.  However, since I’ve changed careers from the corporate world to fitness, my routine has been pared down significantly. Who has time to get into […]