Beef and black bean chili with cilantro-lime cream

Living in Arizona, it does not get cool until Halloween.  Until then—it is hot. Too hot!  So I have a little tradition of making some kind of stew or chili to let Fall know we are ready for her.  I […]

Spanish Cauliflower Rice

My oldest son is obsessed with Spanish Rice.  However, I am always trying to find ways to sneak more veggies into his diet.  This Spanish Cauliflower Rice is inspired from our favorite Mexican takeout place, but is a healthy, grain […]

Shrimp Ceviche

  If you have tried any of my recipes, you know our family has a thing for Mexican food.  Here in Arizona, we are so close to the Mexican border and are spoiled with amazing, authentic Mexican food.  My husband […]

Crispy Coleslaw with Orange Vinaigrette and Pepitas

  I used to HATE coleslaw.  It stems from being forced to eat the miracle whip laden coleslaw at daycare when I was a kid.  It wasn’t until recently I was brave enough to try it again.  Imagine my surprise […]

Thai Coconut Turkey Meatballs

Sometimes I get tired of turkey burgers and taco meat.  I came across a recipe for Thai Coconut meatballs in the cookbook Make Ahead Paleo and decided I needed to get out of my turkey rut.   As usual, I […]

Easy weeknight bolognese sauce

  Growing up, we had a lot of pre-packaged food.  One of my favorite meals was Kraft spaghetti that actually came in a box with spaghetti, a spice packet and you added a can of tomato paste.  Well, I’ve come […]

Juicy Grilled Turkey Burger

  Turkey burgers do not have to be dry and tasteless. In fact, these juicy grilled turkey burgers are so flavorful, you will not miss beef a bit!  The last time I made these on a group camping trip, I […]

The best chocolate chip pancakes

Making pancakes for my family on the weekend brings back warm memories from childhood.  Does anyone else feel this way? It was cold cereal and toast for breakfast during the week, but if I was lucky, my Mom would break […]

Sesame Ginger Ahi Tuna

It is very hard to get good seafood in a land locked state such as Arizona.  So when I see wild caught seafood on sale, I try to take advantage of it! Despite lack of good seafood, our whole family […]

Grilled Summer Squash, Corn and Pesto Salad

summer squash, zucchini, corn and pesto salad

Living in Arizona, summer weather comes early.  It’s been in the 70’s and 80’s here in March, so I was inspired to create an easy side dish incorporating grilled zucchini and summer squash.   This grilled summer squash, corn and […]