About me

8 years ago after having my two sons, I was left with the dreaded “MOM BOD” where you have this annoying extra weight that won’t seem to go away because your entire body changed after pregnancy and birth.

I dealt with it for two years after my second son was born until I finally hit a point and I said enough is enough and I was tired of feeling sorry for myself. I was tired of having the “baby weight” when I didn’t have a baby any more. So I dove deep into what I thought health was and worked out heavily and restricted calories.

In fact, I was so obsessed I even entered competitions and did pretty well. But something started to happen and I quickly realized health IS NOT just working out or dieting. I was “in the best shape of my life” but I was NOT healthy.

I was sad, depressed, NOT happy, my whole body hurt, my hair was falling out, irritable, brain fog, bitchy, I was cold all the time… and I was INCREDIBLY unhealthy. I was working out and dieting my butt off to FEEL better and I ended up feeling worse.

I searched for answers and realized that your mind and body ARE connected and healthy means being healthy on the inside and out.

I thought happiness came from achieving the body I wanted.

But the reason I was so miserable and my health was declining was because I never changed who I was on the inside.

And luckily for me, I made this realization as I was entering my 40’s, yet most women never make this shift.

I soon realized TRUE freedom and happiness comes from taking control over my self sabotaging thoughts.

From there I focused all my time on how to shift my thoughts, adapt my diet to a changing body, how hormones affect your body and thoughts and how simple/easy strength workouts can boost metabolism so you’re losing weight with less effort.

From this, the Balanced Effect was born and I’ve been helping woman like you around the country shift from their confused, unhappy and unhealthy self into a completely fulfilled balanced version of themselves.