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I help women look and feel
great in their 40’s

and beyond

Does your busy schedule cause you to struggle with consistency, motivation and eating habits?

Don’t wait for more time to focus on you, just upgrade your strategy!

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The Fit & Forty Body Evolution

look and feel great in your 40’s and beyond

Who is Hilary Rank?

I became a health and wellness coach because I wanted to help other women look and feel great in their 40’s and beyond. Through my coaching, I spare other women the pain and suffering I went through as a busy working mother trying to figure out how to balance all of my responsibilities and still find time for my own health and wellness.

If I could change anything, it would be the years I wasted trying to DO more to look and feel great, adding to my already busy schedule. I was getting nowhere and the weight was piling on. If you are anything like me, this approach resulted in low self-esteem, low energy and feeling depressed and anxious.

I finally got to the point that staying the same was worse than overcoming the fear of changing. I was constantly putting others first before myself or finding excuses as to why I could not stick with a health and wellness plan. I finally realize this approach was actually hurting my family instead of helping them, because I was irritable, exhausted and not fully present.

It wasn’t until I figured out I did not have to DO more, I just needed to upgrade and find a better strategy. By evolving my mindset, I was able to maximize my time with effective nutrition and fitness strategies that worked with my own body and schedule. I was able to find health, balance and happiness. I want to help every woman upgrade and evolve their own strategies so they can do the same!

The results my clients are getting

“I think of myself as having had Interstitial Cystitis, not as having it. “The medication I was taking to control it was destroying my health. After working with Hilary, I am Elmiron free and not scared to be off it anymore. I have made the connection between body and mind and retrained my thoughts to be more positive.”

Michelle M.

“I lost 7 inches total, 2 ½ inches in my waist. I am more confident, handle stressful situations better and catch negative self talk quickly and turn it around. I wouldn’t have taken the steps to do this if I wasn’t working with you.”

Dona M.

“I needed to trust someone. I eat more food than I did before and have lost inches. You have helped me to identify areas in my life to improve and create goals for my mental, physical and emotional health. You have created a fitness plan unlike any other I’ve done. I’ve learned to trust my body.”

Nikki P.

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